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Studio 101 is a professional recording studio located outside downtown
Greenville, SC featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools.
Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.

Studio 101 is equipped with Pro Tools HD and is paired with 2 UAD Apollo 16 interfaces for 32 in/out channels.

  • Currently, all of our mixing is done inside the box along with analog summing through the Antelope Satori.

  • Our mic locker includes high quality microphones from Neumann, Shure, Audio Technica, AKG, Michael Joly, Avantone, EV, Sennheiser, Rode, CAD, MXL, and many more.

  • API, Vintech, Focusrite, Lindell, UA 1176, Empirical Labs, ART, Antelope, UAD.......Waves Platinum, MCDSP, SoundToys, iZotope, Valhalla

  • Monitoring is routed through the Antelope Satori with switchable outputs through Dynaudio BM15A or Yamaha HS5. Various Sony, Audio Technica, and AKG headphones available.

  • Gretsch USA Drums, Yamaha Motif 8, Fender Rhodes, Gibson, Fender Guitars, Gretsch Guitars, Taylor Guitars, Bad Cat, Marshall, Egnater, Fender Amps, Music Man

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